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History of SCLMM

  • Organized men's ministry in the SC Synod since the late 1800's. We think that it dates back to 1880. There was published reference to such an organization in the "Lutheran Visitor" (forerunner to the SC Lutheran) in 1894.

  • Support of mission congregations began in 1925 when the synod approved the establishment of the Loan and Gift Fund. The first efforts were to raise $5000 to purchase a lot for Grace Lutheran Mission in Rock Hill and to assist Faith in Batesburg.

  • From this humble beginning, we have since done the following is support of mission congregations in our synod:

  • Given over $1,100,000 in outright gifts through the Gift Fund

  • Loaned over $4MM interest free through the Loan Fund

  • Today the Loan fund has assets at over $2.8MM and we will loan up to $350K to mission congregations interest free

  • Through our New Mission Start program, we have raised a little over $853,000 that has been used to fully fund or partner in the funding for starting 11 new congregations in our synod

  • There have been special projects as well at both Camp Kinard and Coastal Retreat Center as well as scholarships at Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary and Newberry College.

In 1929, the organization became officially known as the "Brotherhood" with affiliation with the ULCA Brotherhood. The stated objectives of this organization were:

  1. Win the unchurched men and bring them into the church

  2. Bring back the lapsed men

  3. Develop the church life of the boys to prevent them from drifting away

  4. Increase attendance of men at church services

"Purpose and Objectives" from our constitution, we find the following:

  1. Support and endeavor to strengthen the witness of our synod

  2. Spiritual, intellectual and social development of our men and deepen their commitment to Christ

  3. Financial support of mission congregations in our synod

  4. Special projects

  5. Support LMM, ELCA