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Starting LMM Unit

Starting LMM Unit


Organizing a Lutheran Men’s unit is the joining together of men of a congregation to serve Christ, and formally joining and adopting the constitution of the South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission (SCLMM).  Units will vary in style, programs and meeting times.  Emphasis should be placed on spiritual development of men and Christian Fellowship (by all means do not allow church politics to enter or be discussed at your meetings).  All units should strive to support the financial efforts of the South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission in supporting mission congregations.

1.  Get your pastor’s support and involvement as a Lutheran Man.
2.  Have informal meeting and try to find where the men’s interest is in the church and build from there.
3.  Visit other Lutheran Men’s meetings and see how they function.    Ask for their support in organization.
4.  Consult with your Conference or State Officers for assistance.
5.  Have a South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission officer speak to your congregation or men’s unit.
6.  Request to be put on the mailing list for the EPISTLE.  Any present or past officer can assist you.
7.  Attend your Conference meeting and the South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission  Annual  Convention.
8.  Each unit should elect the following officers: President - Vice President – Secretary – Treasurer – Committee of 100
9.  Have monthly meetings on a regular basis and  have good food.

1.  President call meeting to order
2.  Appointee to have Prayer
3.  Meal (optional) - Food Committee
4.  President recognize visitors, 
5.  Secretary read minutes of last meeting have them approved,
6.  Treasurer gives a financial report,
7.  President call for old business, new business, and make announcements
8.  Introduction of program by the Vice President,
9.  Close with prayer.

IDEAS FOR SPECIAL EVENTS: Have a Christmas and Valentine party for the ladies, a Father-Son banquet, a Lutheran Men's Sunday, cook and serve for the Mother-Daughter banquet, and have special projects for emergencies local and statewide.
CHARTER your unit when you are organized and begin to meet on a regular basis.  Contact the South Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission President and request that your unit be chartered.  Presentation of the charter will be made at a worship service of the          congregation or at a regular Lutheran Men in Mission meeting.  Receipt of a charter signifies your unit’s support of the South        Carolina Lutheran Men in Mission goals and programs.