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Our Mission

Mission Statement: We will make disciples of men that have a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. We do this by financial support of the Lutheran mission churches in South Carolina along with the Master Builders Bible Program, One Year to Live Retreats, Building Men Through Christ Seminars, and Men In Action young men events.

Vision Statement

For every man to have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ through an effective men's ministry in every congregation.

Our Objectives are:

  • To provide financial support for the development of mission congregations in the SC Synod

  • To provide opportunities to make disciples of men by sponsoring gatherings, local congregational unit meetings, conference meetings and Bible Studies

  • To support Lutheran Men in Mission by the giving of time, talents, and money to support a strong church-wide men's ministry.

The officers elected for 2018 during the 75th Annual Convention - February 24th 2018

   Ken Heckel - Executive Director
   John Boozer - President
   Robert Epting -Vice President 
   Jerry Strother - Secretary 

   Jimmy Smith - Promotional

   Joe Fulmer - Treasurer 
   Pastor Jackie Utley - Pastoral Advisor 

Lutheran Men in Mission Song

The Lutheran Men in Mission Song (Verses two and three)

Pastor Hagerty and Mr. Dan Sandel of St. Thomas took part in the Heartland Conference quarterly meeting of the Lutheran Men in Mission at Silverstreet Lutheran Church this evening. Here is our closing song:Ralph Hill Randy Derrick Ronald Redd

Posted by St. Thomas Lutheran Church (ELCA) - Chapin, SC on Thursday, February 18, 2016

SCLMM Minutes

The Pee Dee Indian Project

May 15 has been designated as Pee Dee Indian Project Sunday this year. This is a project of the South Carolina Lutheran Men In Mission. Last year the SCLMM raised $10,716.00 towards this project. The goal is to raise $50,000.00.

We are helping the Pee Dee Tribe build a multipurpose building on 14 acres that was donated to the tribe. The building will be used as a free medical, an occasional shelter for the homeless, a place for children to come for tutoring and play in a safe environment and a nice building to use for meetings and gatherings. There will be a small area set aside as a museum of their heritage. You gave generously last year, and that was greatly appreciated.

This project has been approved by and has the blessings of the SC Synod Council and Bishop Yoos. The SCLMM goal is to raise $50,000.00 to help the Pee Dee Tribe with this project. All money received for this cause will go toward the project.
If possible it would be nice for each church to send one check from their total collections for this. Individual check will of course be welcomed.

Checks should be made out to 
SC Synod  ELCA with the designation  

Please mail checks to:
1003 Richland St. Columbia, SC 29201

This is one of those times when we can work together for the benefit of others and give assistance and kindness where it is needed. Please help and support this worthwhile project.

Your Brother In Christ,

Johnny Merck, Director Special Events
South Carolina Lutheran Men In Mission

Amen! For Lutheran Men.